How to pass the APMG Change Management Foundation Exam

In this article we will cover the different ways you can prepare for the Change Management Exams. Also, we will discuss some general tips and tricks to get the highest possible score on the change management exam.

How to pass the APMG Change Management Foundation Exam

APMG Change Management Foundation Exam?

APMG Change Management Foundation and Practitioner Certification is geared toward professionals who want to distinguish themselves in the field of organizational change, transition and transformation. To obtain Change Management certification, you must successfully complete APMG’s Change Management Exams. But how do you properly prepare for the costly certifications?

Change Management Institute

The Change Management certification program from APMG International is developed in collaboration with the Change Management Institute. The courses are designed to help organizations and their people to manage the impact of change and provide technique’s to effectively plan and implement successful transformation initiatives.

How to prepare for the APMG Change Management Foundation Exam

The APMG’s Exams are based on the Effective Change Manager’s Handbook, which is aligned to the Institute’s Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK). Roughly speaking, there are two options to prepare for the exams: by self-studying the book or through training (Classroom, live online or eLearning).

APMG Change Management Foundation Exam

How to get the best result on the Change Management Foundation Exam

Regardless of whether you choose to prepare for the exam through self-study or a training course, it is important to start making practice exams as soon as possible. In this way you will get used to the type of questions you can expect on the real exam and you will gain insight into how well you already master the materials.

What do the Change Management Exams look like?

The APMG Change Management Foundation Exam is a multiple choice exam. It is composed of 4 sections with a total of 50 questions. You need to answer at least 25 questions correctly to pass your foundation certification (50% pass mark). It is a closed book exam.

How to book the exams

You can book the exam via the website of APMG International. The cost for the exam is £210,-, so make sure you score at least 90% at the practice exam. If you score 90%, you should be able to pass the real exam. 

Free APMG Change Management Practice Exam

Test your knowledge about the  Change Management Foundation Exam now with 10 free practice exam questions. Premium exams with 100 questions available! 

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