Getting a good exam result is one step closer with these tips and tricks. Learn to pass every exam! With these exam tips you will be perfectly prepared for your exams

How To Pass Any Exam

How to pass any exam

Here are some exam tips to help you prepare for and take your exams. A calm environment, plenty of relaxation and good planning are very important.

Create a pleasant learning environment

  • Work in a quiet place, such as your own room or library. Turn off your cell phone.
  • Keep your desk or table tidy. The things around you are distracting. Put only what you need on your desk.
  • Work for a certain time concentrating, for example 1 hour. Then stop for 10 minutes, for example. Don’t take a break longer or shorter than you agreed to. After two hours and a short break, rest a little longer, say 20 minutes. Three times after 1 hour you really take a serious break. During the exam itself, take occasional breaks from behind your desk.

Relaxation in order ro pass any exam

  • An important exam tip: relax in between. For example, juggle, run, meditate, do breathing exercises, etc.
  • During a break the brain unconsciously processes what you have learned so you can continue working with the new material.
  • A short workout during a break is often very good against (initial) tension. Remember that tension is not bad at all, and especially healthy.

Plan your exam!

  • Make a schedule a few weeks before the exam. Make sure each section has its own place. Break down your work into hours, days, weeks and months in small chunks. Stick to the schedule, using a timer if necessary.
  • Consider whether you will also use practice materials. Buy a practice exam or exam package in time.
  • Studying five times an hour on different days is just as long as studying five hours at a time on one day. It has been proven many times that if you learn by the first method (5 times on different days), you will master the subject up to 50% better.
  • Stick to your schedule. Even if you think you won’t fully master the subject matter in the time available, move on to the next scheduled section. If you have some time left at the end because of unexpected windfalls, you can go back to what you thought you didn’t know so well. This way you avoid putting a strain on your schedule.


While studying for your exam...

  • Adopt an active learning attitude: make your own planning and summary. Also consider the so-called “mind map”, a method of representing large amounts of material in a relatively small overview. Such an overview usually contains shapes or pictures and sometimes even drawings: in this way it is easy for almost everyone to remember. Even in plain pictures, drawings, graphs and arrows are usually better than boring text. Loud training is an option for certain types of people. Try it.
  • Comprehension is more than just memory. Come up with new examples of your own. Ask your own questions. Look for links between paragraphs and chapters. Ask yourself in advance, “What can I expect?” Ask yourself some questions about the material. Practice with old exams or practice  tests.

Just before the exam

  • Sleep a lot. Have someone else wake you up just to be sure, don’t lie awake again. Eat a nutritious breakfast in the morning before your exam. Make sure you have the required materials for all exams on hand.
  • Also, make sure you know what items you can bring.
  • Do not study right before the exam. Avoid excited groups that keep asking each other questions and talking to each other before or even in the exam room. This can cause stress or panic.
How to pass any exam

Final exam tips to pass any exam

  • Scan the entire exam first. Start with the easy questions first, and only move on to the difficult questions. If you do not understand questions at all, leave them aside. If you have time to spare, you can spend time on these questions.
  • If you don’t know a question, skip it. Don’t forget to mark the question, if possible.
  • Rest assured of your fate: you have prepared as best you can. There is nothing more you can do now.
  • Good luck!
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